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Grayson Nelson

Deco Home Portable Countertop Dishwasher with Water Tank and Hook Up, 5 Cleaning Modes

Deco Home Portable Countertop Dishwasher with Water Tank and Hook Up, 5 Cleaning Modes

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Tired of washing dishes by hand but don't have the space for a full-size dishwasher? Deco Chef has you covered with a portable countertop version!

Cracked and sore hands rejoice - wash a day's worth of dishes without the scrubbing and time with the Deco Chef Portable Dishwasher. Ideal for tightly spaced homes . apartments . and more . this countertop dishwasher comes feature packed and ready to power through the dirtiest dishes and utensils.

Just like its larger counterparts . this dishwasher comes complete with a front-facing door . rollout dish rack . 360-degree spinning spray arms . and a drain filter to keep the water pump safe and running. Load up to about four place settings worth of dishes and save yourself the hassle of spending more time at the kitchen sink.

Choose from 5 different cleaning modes - from the fast rapid wash mode that cleans dishes in just 29 minutes or choose a more intense wash for tougher food stains and build-up. In the end . it all means less work for you! Have some store-bought produce? Ensure a germ-free clean and shine with the built-in fruit wash mode that saves you even more scrubbing.

This compact dishwasher utilizes uses hot water to soak and clean hard-to-remove leftover food buildup and give your dishes a deep clean. Either from a water tap source or heated and added manually the dishwasher heats water for proper cleaning. Once finished . this unit also dries your dishes with heating drying modes that operate in varying intervals.

No complicated setup or installation here - we include everything you need for a fast setup. Use our provided hose and quick-connect parts to hook up a water source directly to the dishwasher. Or if you're looking for something less permanent . manually add up to 4.5L of water directly to the reservoir. In the end . your dishes are clean and all water is removed via the drain hose and down your kitchen sink.

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