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Grayson Nelson

GoDecor Compact Electric White 2.6 cu.ft Laundry Dryer

GoDecor Compact Electric White 2.6 cu.ft Laundry Dryer

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Introductions:The household dryer ismade of high-quality stainless steel . which is durable and has a longservice life. The integrated visual window allows you to monitor theclothes as they dry. The compact and stable design can save more space .and the wall-mounted installation can be placed on a solid horizontalfloor or rack . which is very suitable for apartments . dormitories .stalls or RVs. It can be easily cleaned and maintained with a soft dampcloth.

Features:1. Superior drying performance2. Universal front load dryer3. Efficient and silent tube4. High quality and large capacity5. Portable and compact design6. With high-end LED control screen; LED light touch

Specifications:1. Model: GYJ40-88C1-E 2. Dimensions: 600*435*700mm3. Weight: 22KG4. Material: ABS Control Panel . STS Drum . Plastic Door window5. Brand: ZOKOP6. Color: White7. Rated Current A: 3.5A8. Rated Input Power W: 1450W

Package Includes:1 x Dryer machine1 x Instruction Manual

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