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Grayson Nelson

Huffy 26�Nel Lusso Men's Cruiser Bike, Matte Black

Huffy 26�Nel Lusso Men's Cruiser Bike, Matte Black

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Enjoy your next outdoor adventure aboard this stylish Huffy 26" Nel Lusso Men's Cruiser Bike. This model is specifically designed and engineered to fit your natural bike-riding position. Italian for "in luxury ." Nel Lusso pampers with comfort features that keep you going . whether you're riding to class . work or spending quality time with family and friends. This matte black cruiser bike includes a basket . a rear rack . a smartphone holder and a beverage cup holder. This model has a Perfect Fit frame and raised handlebar that enable you to ride in an upright position. As you pedal . your legs can fully extend forward . eliminating wrist . arm . neck and leg fatigue. Additionally . the Huffy cruiser bike has a clean aesthetic . ridding itself of the clutter of gears and cables. It has a durable steel frame that showcases the brand's ornament against the chainguard insert to complete its classic look.

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